Beauty below me, Beauty above me, Beauty all around me, Beauty within me. Xoxo

Number of pictures: 14

Orgasmic and Sweaty Goddess

Bask in your sweaty body after a good Orgasm! It's your Orgasmic Bubble Rain. Holla ;-)

Number of pictures: 31

Sweet Exotic Ass & Pussy Power

Enjoy these delicious photos and have arousing fun as Goddess raises our energy hearts ass pussy and cocks. Holla ;-)

Number of pictures: 38


This was an Amazing Crazy Altered Experience for Me. I am forever changed for the better by this Experience and Opportunity! It took over 7 1/2 hours to paint me. These are pics I took with my Cell phone of my BodyPainting Day. HOLLA

Number of pictures: 33

Sending You My Love Today

Happy Valentines Day and Goddess Blessings

Number of pictures: 19

Cartoon, Inked, Watercolor

Enjoy these Sweet, Sexy, Fun and Erotic Artistic Versions of the Goddess.

Number of pictures: 27

Lady In A Dress

Enjoying these sexy positions in my dress. Some pics looks like i don't have anything on. lol ;-)

Number of pictures: 32

Ready To Workout

When I do get dressed to workout, I Am Ready!! Holla

Number of pictures: 21

The Pussy Portal

I Open my pussy portal for you! Gaze into the portal, respond with your hardness, joy, wetness and willingness to Learn. Goddess Blessings

Number of pictures: 9

ASS Worship 101

Go into the Cave of darkness and delight and get the deep wisdom of pleasure through worship. All parts of the body can be worshipped and allow the anal wave of pure arousal to sweep over you with the ultimate wisdom of pleasure as you gaze!

Number of pictures: 28

Peek A Boo ;-)

Just having some fun with these tit pics. Goddess Blessings

Number of pictures: 8

Prayers ~ Blessings ~ Love2

May you receive the manifestation of your prayers, blessings and love through my photos. Goddess Blessings

Number of pictures: 26

Prayers ~ Blessings ~ Love

May you receive the Blessings of Love through my prayers and poses! Xoxoxo Much Love and Goddess Blessings ALWAYS ;-)

Number of pictures: 25

Sweet Goddess XoXoXo

I Love For The Spirituality Of Others ..... XoXoXo

Number of pictures: 15

Goddess Strikes A Pose ~ Part3

And You Know This...;-)

Number of pictures: 18

Goddess Strikes A Pose ~ Part2


Number of pictures: 17

Goddess Strikes A Pose

Holla ;-)

Number of pictures: 15

One With Kali~Expressions

I Share my Images Energy and Power Of Kali in Me. May you be Blessed and Liberated!

Number of pictures: 45

10th Anniversary Naked Church

We celebrated 10 Years of Naked Church! May I continue to grow and Bless All Those that Attend my Services! Much Love and Goddess Blessings

Number of pictures: 23

Shakti's Naked Church

I held a Women Only Naked Church Event at The Wild Woman Fest!

Number of pictures: 4

Chillen Out Goddess Style

Having My Wine and Feeling Fine

Number of pictures: 15

In my Silk

Enjoying time in my silk dress. ;-)

Number of pictures: 20


Feeling Sexy in my Underwear

Number of pictures: 9

Orgasmic Bubble Journey

Hope you enjoy some screenshots from my Orgasmic Bubble Journey workshop!

Number of pictures: 16


Photos from my special workshop for download - KamaSutra

Number of pictures: 29

I Am My Own Religion

I Am My Own Religion

Number of pictures: 27

On The Deck

Just a few photos of me chillin on our deck in the woods.

Number of pictures: 14

Masturbation Meditation

Here's some clips from my most recent workshop: MASTURBATION MEDITATION with the CHAKRA WAVE

Number of pictures: 43

Dinner is Served

This appetizer, entree and dessert is sure to satisfy.

Number of pictures: 41

Panther Spirit

The panther is my spirit animal. I share this energy with you all.

Number of pictures: 13

Pussy In The Sky Goddess

Pussy In The Sky Goddess

Number of pictures: 45

Holy Body

Holy Body

Number of pictures: 44

Orgasmic Bliss

Orgasmic Bliss

Number of pictures: 49