Dear Reverend Goddess,

I was sad to see your Vimeo page is now gone, your videos there were absolute works of art. I hope someday you will have a similar site up, perhaps a subscription site. Your videos were too beautiful to be accessible to the general public, anyway, and any replacement site should be more exclusive, limited to your most ardent fans only, a group which I am most proud to consider myself included.

Regardless, you are one awesome lady, and I will continue to look forward to receiving your newsletters!



I enjoy your concept of uniting sex and spirit, it is indeed new to me and I’ve learned a lot. Maybe Vimeo will have a change of heart but if not then maybe it’s time for you to move on. Any way, I’ve enjoyed your message and I will continue to follow you.

Keep the Faith


Hi. I'm sorry to hear about the issues with Vimeo. I had purchased several of your VODs and was horrified to hear that they would not be sending you the revenue those VODs generated. As a consequence, I have contacted Vimeo asking for a refund of those purchases based on the fact that you would not be receiving the funds. I'm doubtful they will issue any kind of refund, but if they do, I will forward those funds back to you via another route. 

Vimeo just refunded me for two of the three VODs I purchased. They claimed the first one has already been paid to you. I purchased them in British pounds so I just used Google to convert to dollars and sent the amount as a donation using the link on your website. I hope you get your new platform up and running smoothly. You are an important light in many lives, including mine. 

 It's really a shame! Vimeo is full of sh*t but they shut down your page which only contained beauty and love. Keep goin to do your work, we miss you and we wait for your new platfom! Blessings!


Hi Charmaine, I hope it's all going well. 

Firstly, I'm so sorry for what happened withthe vimeo.  I've been a follower for quite a long time and found it very empowering.

This is merely God's way of elevating you to the next level that He has in store for you...  Vimeo was a 'stepping stool' for you My Angel....

Love you Goddess!


An inspiration.

You have moved on from this in a state of grace.

Holding space for you to find exactly the right place for you and your pussy in the Sky!



Hello my Goddess! I appreciate that you are positive towards men. So many women mystics are not. I have always been a nudist and I have enjoyed my body in many ways. I was thinking half heartedly that the church I go to desperately needs a masturbation ministry. I enjoy your naked church videos and the oneness you preach about with the sexual energy. I have begun to masturbate in this ritualistic way, making sure I give my orgasm time to develop. I eagerly watch your videos and I share the enjoyment of your body freedom and sacred touch. Have a blessed day! I love you and I wish you the best! 


I admire your freedom of sharing your body in your videos. I wish I had the courage to do the same. I have stroked my penis watching many of your teachings. You have a lovely body! 

May God bless you today and always!


You are amazing, inspirational, brave and beautiful! 



Congrats on YOU being YOU Reverend Charmaine!  Thank you for showing us your strength and courage by living in your truth. 

Much love and angel blessings!

Can i start of by saying wooow, beautiful body you have. I’ve watched you on Vimeo and YouTube for some years now. I also purchased all of the VOD vimeo videos. Damn shitty that Vimeo closed your account cause of them. Other people have similar VOD videos and are still up and running. Can’t wait to see your new upcoming site, I hope you carry on with the erotic videos. Would love to see a ass video where you spread that beautiful ass of yours up close. I’m not in to porn but your type of naughty videos are just different. It’s not porn, it’s just i don’t know how to explain, just turns me on.  Keep up the good work anyways.