Pussy Power

2018-06-21 00:55:26

My Pussy is a miracle of Nature. My Pussy is
strong. My Pussy is Sensual. My Pussy is a
Life Source. My Pussy is Love, Compassion,
Beauty and Wisdom. My Pussy is one of The
Great Mother’s Bodies. My Pussy is of The
Earth. My Pussy is of The Spirit. 

My Pussy houses a Beautiful Soul. My Pussy
is Magnificent. 

Pussy Don’t Fail Me Now! 

My quiet vagina is sensitive to my moods
and needs constant communication in
some form or fashion. I give her warm
baths and tell her how sweet silky smooth
she is. When I choose the perfect lingam
to lie inside of my wet cunt I feel her power
envelop my lover and grip his cock and
lock his heart to mine. 

Pussy Don’t Fail Me Now! 

Keep it up pussy…and let that tingling
sensation that takes my breath away flow
from the top of my head down my spine
and into my nipples straight into my clit
slipping into my toes. My great wonderful
cunt keep it coming… keep me coming
and dump all of my sweet smelling juice
all over my lover! 

Pussy Power Pussy Power Pussy Power!