One With KALI

2018-12-13 15:02:44


"A Woman becomes one with Kali by coming to terms with her own awesome power of initiation. As an initiatress into the Sexual mysteries of Kali, woman is the ultimate Guru of man. When hypocrisy, self-doubt, selfishness and envy are eliminated from a woman's psyche, the deep intuitive wisdom of Kali emerges. Charged with sexual energy, Kali's wisdom acts as a potent initiation into the nature of reality. Kali is fearless and passionate; she does not hold back her favors. For a woman to truly embody Kali, she must get in touch with her own sexuality and dive deep into her unconscious mind. Kali's qualities are of this world and all other worlds. For a woman to become Kali, she must be able to take her man beyond mundane limitations, beyond convention, beyond the expected. During the dark fortnight of the moon and the time of her menstruation, woman naturally takes on some of Kali's qualities. In her Kali role, woman acts as the destroyer of illusion and the fulfiller of desire." ~ from Sexual Secrets.

I will invoke Kali through a burning of negative thoughts ritual and sexual penetration ritual to become fully empowered with all my powers from all worlds and to bless all men with wisdom and all women to embrace Kali within! Join me for this opportunity! Ladies you have the POWER! Men you have access to all this Wisdom!

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Goddess Blessings