Receive the Blessings of The Pussy In The Sky Goddess

2018-11-24 17:07:55

Hi Everyone,

It’s continues to be a Blessing to be Up in the Sky. I hope those of you that are my Members, are receiving the joy excitement laughter and healing that my videos are intended to provide. It is my intention to be real explicit and honest about my life and tantric practices that has healed me and became my GODDESS CALLING.  I am Rev. Goddess Charmaine ~ The Sensuous Mystic AKA The Pussy In The Sky Goddess for the purpose of breaking shame guilt and conscious control over my mind body and spirit. I live my life the way I want to. And am able to draw into my life an amazing Sacred Masculine Husband and together we are building our exceptional life here on earth and beyond. I love for the Spirituality of Others and hope that my erotic ministry can guide you to your sexual spiritual strength. Let’s be real. Life and Sex isn’t always pretty, and learning how to consistently be happy isn’t easy either. In my videos and ministry and everything else I offer. I am holding space for YOU to show up! For you to stop hurting and just Love yourself enough to know that You matter. For you to release negative programming and accept yourself, your body and your life. In that space, you can make miracles happen. I’ve done it and I continue to do it every day. Miracles are so subtle and sweet and loud and exhausting. We are all capable. Sometimes we just need to witness someone else. Just for a time until we wake the fuck up and realize, I am the miracle I see in YOU!

I hope those of you that are not Members, remember that you can still purchase. Check them out!

Workshops: For Download ~ $20 $5 for Members

Energy Orgasm

Hypnotic / Erotic

SPECIAL WORKSHOP Pussy Cock Genital Awareness with the Orgasmic Wave $40 $10 for Members

Calling In My Erotic Beloved

Sexual Shaman

SPECIAL WORKSHOP Orgasmic Bubble Journey $40 $10 for Members

Kama Sutra

Masturbation Meditation with The Chakra Wave

Breathing Love

Anima: Animus ~ The Sacred Marriage Within

Chakra Intensive

Teachings: For Download $5 Free for Members

YIN/YANG for Sex Magic & Manifesting

Erotic Chakra ~ Crown Chakra Purple

Erotic Chakra ~ 3rd Eye 6th Chakra INDIGO

Erotic Chakra ~ 5th Chakra SKY BLUE

Erotic Chakra ~ Heart Chakra GREEN

Erotic Chakra ~ Third Chakra YELLOW

Erotic Chakra ~ Second Chakra ORANGE

Erotic Chakra ~ Root Chakra RED

Shiva / Shakti ~ The Ultimate Fantasy






Erection And Prostate Massage

Hip Roll, Thrusting for Better Sex & Energy Circulation

Have Fun Healing Premature Ejaculation

This is the New Way I am available to teach now. You can join my site. Join me for in person workshops. Have online private sessions and groups. I hope you will continue to trust my practice and find your passion with me. Thank you all for your support!

MY BOOKS: You can also purchase an autographed copy of my books and receive a Goddess Love Letter too! ;-)

The Sensuous Mystic ~ $40 & The Goddess Scrolls ~ $50.....Just Click the LINK to the Store!! Xoxoxo 

Holla and Always Goddess Blessings

Reverend Goddess Charmaine